I’m a journalist and meditation teacher. Ten years ago I wrote The Head Trip, a book about the science and changing experience of consciousness. Thinking that much about the mind deranged me. Meditation set me right.

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Is Consciousness Evolving?

A more realistic take on the so-called "evolution" of consciousness: an increase in discernment and sensitivity, largely driven forward by young people. It’s obvious why young people see and experience bias and discrimination at a level of nuance many in older generations cannot: they aren’t habituated yet.


The Promise and Peril of Spiritual Belief

I have a theory. Not a perfect theory, but it is a theory based on experience – based on my experience. And that’s exactly what my theory is about: the feedback loop between our ideas about reality, and our experience of reality. A celebration - and critique - of spiritual growth and understanding.


How to Explore Consciousness

There are few activities more thrilling than the exploration of consciousness, particularly in the form of intelligent spiritual practice. A talk on some of the terrains of meditation experience and their attendant risks and benefits.

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Winter Reset: Mind, Body, Life

The Dashing Explorer

Way of the Consciousness Explorer - Meditation School

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